Image by Robert V. Ruggiero

From Puerto Rico



What do two Chicagoans do during a global pandemic you may ask? Open a virtual modern cafe with delivery and pick up only features of course. Eric Roldan and Hector LaPorte decided to make their dream a reality when it comes to modern Puerto Rican food along with new Latin fusion flavors. Located on the Northside of Chicago in the Avondale neighborhood, they will draw in a different customer base which is exactly what they want. Bringing Puerto Rico to you.

Eric who was born in Chicago but raised in Puerto Rico working in the hospitality industry for most of his career had a love for cooking with his grandmother's recipes from a young age. After the passing of his mother, he wanted to honor her by naming the new cafe after her. Food is something that brought his family and friends together no matter the occasion. Eric brings a new kind of old-school charm along with class to his dishes every time he enters the kitchen. As a Latino and a minority, he is looking forward to bringing his family traditions, recipes, and proof that anything is possible when you dream big. He is looking forward to indulging every customer's appetite with unique recipes.



He has created a desire to bring Puerto Rican food to Chicago and if you have never been to the island then you will know what it tastes like once you have tried their modern food creations. 


The concept is simple. Their cafe was located in a central area in Avondale that is connected in a unique way to your favorite delivery apps like Grubhub, Caviar, UberEats, and many more. Plus they offer catering services as well. All you have to do is log on and order through your favorite apps. Since indoor dining is a challenge right now they wanted to make it fast, easy, and enjoyable to all that want to order. 


 Eric can’t wait until July 2022 when he will turning  the delivery apps. concept , into a modern Puerto Rican Cuisine which will be known as Marinas Cafe and Bar with that one of a kind only Mojito Bar. Why others try their Puerto Rican family recipes and show Chicago what joy their Puerto Rican food can bring.


Follow Eric  on social media at Marina’s Cafe Chicago on Instagram and Facebook. They can’t wait to serve you.